Captain Jason Noble & Captain Matt Parent
Lake Ontario Salmon & Trout Fishing! • 647-221-7524

Fishing Equipment

Salmon and trout fishing on Lake Ontario is some of the more technical fishing you will find anywhere! The fish we're targeting are very sensitive to water temperature / clarity, trolling speed / direction, and light conditions. Having a wide selection of quality equipment and electronics is a must to optimize success out on the lake!

The Vessel

Striper 2601 Alaskan


Products used: Evinrude E-TEC 300hp / Evinrude 9.8hp


Products used: Simrad NSS12, Fish Hawk (Speed & Temperature Water Profiling), Cannon Mag10 Downriggers, Simrad Autopilot, Simrad 4G radar

Witching Hour Music

SiriusXM Logo SiriusXM radio is enabled on the vessel!
From country music to rock music to sports radio and everything in between.
We can cater your fishing experience to whatever music type you enjoy listening to!
To view the channel guide in advance click HERE.

Shimano Reels

Products used: Tekota 600LC, 700LC, 800LC

Shimano Rods

Products used: Talora wire, Talora downrigger, Talora leadcore/copper


Products used: Cannon Dual Axis Rod Holders, Cisco Planner System, Amish Outfitters Boards, Church Tackles Boards, Shark Downrigger Weights

Fishing Lines

Products used: Seagar Fluorocarbon, P-Line Monofilament, Blood Run Copper, Torpedo Trolling Wire

Flashers or Attractors

Products used: Pro Troll, Hot Spot, Kingfisher, John King, Spin Doctor

Salmon and Trout Flies

Products used: ATOMIK, Howie Flies, ITO Flies, Gland Slam Bucktails

Salmon and Trout Spoons

Products used: Big Ern, Yech, Dreamweaver, Stinger

Salmon and Trout Scented Attractants

Products used: Pro-Cure