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At Witching Hour Sportfishing we move the boat around Lake Ontario to different ports as the season progresses from spring to fall to optimize your success on the water.
April & May
For the spring fishing the boat will be located out of Port Weller (St.Catherines). This location for this time of the season is ideal for many reasons. The fishing during spring is hands down the best fishing you'll ever experience on the Canadian side of Lake Ontario. Reason being: nutrient rich (green coloured) water enters into Lake Ontario via the Niagara River. This plume of nutrient rich water attracts congregations of bait fish, which in turn attracts the larger fish which are the salmon and trout of Lake Ontario. This time of the season we are fishing relatively shallow water for multiple species. These species primarily include Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Brown Trout, and Lake Trout.
Port Weller
200 Broadway
St. Catharines, ON, L2M 7W8
June, July, August, & September
Late June the boat will transition to Port Credit. This location is ideal for these months as we are in the centre of the action and can motor easily to hotspot areas east and west.
As the month of June progresses, the plume of nutrient rich water and baitfish, which was described above during the spring period, flows 'like a fire hose' towards the north shore of Lake Ontario. The larger salmon and trout (mostly Chinook Salmon) show up in great concentrations.
Late June through July and August these salmon essentially spread up and down the shore between Bronte and Whitby and the salmon fishing can be extremely good. It is this time of the year these salmon are feeding aggressively and are heavier and larger as a result.
By late August and September the 4 year old Chinook salmon begin to stage out front harbour mouths with one thing on their minds - running the rivers to spawn.
Port Credit Harbour
1 Port Street East
Mississauaga, ON, L5G 4NA
Late September through October
Late September through the end of October the boat is positioned in Nanticoke on the shores of Lake Erie for walleye action. Walleye are a delicious white fish sought after by many. The fishery on Lake Erie is world renowned for its walleye fishing. Nanticoke and Hoover's Marina provides great facilities.
November the boat is positioned in Picton for Bay Of Quinte walleye. This region is notorious for trophy walleye that migrate into this water system from Lake Ontario. The Picton Harbour Inn makes for fantastic accommodation.
Hoover's Marina
5 Erie St
Nanticoke, ON, N0A 1L0
Picton Marina
1 Head St
Picton, ON K0K 2T0